Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Of Moose And Men

Brainard Lake Moose Kill triggers tighter restrictions for hunters.

Funny, some hunters are blaming this fellow who legally took a moose for the government making the rules more strict. Not the government agency that actually made the rules, or the progressive types who clamored for "something" to be done, but the "law abiding" hunter.

That's just silly isn't it? To blame someone that didn't do anything wrong for the actions of a group that wanted to justify their power over an activity? I'm just glad gunowners in general don't participate in that kind of nonsense. /sarcasm

When I first moved to Colorado I remember reading an article in the Rocky Mountain News about some people who moved into the suburbs of Boulder. They were on their back porch with their son, watching a deer mosey on through their backyard. Then a mountain lion decided to make a snack out of said deer. They were horrified. Why, their son, their precious little Timmy was watching the beauty of nature and this vicious predator committed an act of violence right in front of his eyes. That deer was being repressed, right before their eyes! And since the deer was brown it could have been considered a hate crime! So they called 911 and were very disappointed that the sheriff refused to drive out and arrest the miscreant ("Ma'am, we just don't have handcuffs that fit cougars").

The same folks who complained about a hunter taking a moose would have likely been upset if the hunter had four legs instead of two. The difference is that if the hunter had four legs they'd have been justly ridiculed for their reaction (just as I made fun of the couple that were surprised how big cats get their dinner). Whereas since it was an evil human doing the deed, then they failed to get their proper dose of mocking which would have hopefully prevented them from repeating this behavior.

But left unchecked, this kind of fuss will reduce the areas where hunters can actually hunt. Not because of the hunter, but because of a government agency that seeks to appease whiners that get upset at the thought of a person getting their dinner the old fashioned way.

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