Monday, March 02, 2015

More On The Law And Open Carry

The video below was posted about by Say Uncle and (with a h/t to Mr. Vanderboegh) Bob Owens. I'll embed the video here as well, for y'alls convenience.

A lot of folks, gunowners even, seem to feel that this fellow's detention was justified and the cop did no wrong. Some downright nasty condemnation of the open carrier has been and likely will continue to go on (from gunowners no less). But there's another video I'd like you to watch before you start to load boulders into that onager (that sits atop the Maison de Verre in which you may reside) and fling them at someone who looks differently than you and enjoys his Rights in a different fashion than you may be accustomed:

In this instance, I think a lot of gunowners would benefit from learning More, n'est-ce pas?

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Fûz said...

Am ambivalent about open carry because it creates divisions among the 2A community. Ambivalent meaning I can see both sides.

If we are as principled as we say we are, and as we insist that our elected officials and their appointees to be (cough Holder cough) then we should be standing up for open carriers. But we are also repelling a public relations attack at the same time, and principles aren't as important there as appearances. Same issue as when we encourage 2A rally participants to dress and carry themselves more like the people we're trying to reach.

there's a lesson about Haidt's assertion that leftists don't experience disgust the way the right does; not enough room for that here.