Thursday, January 30, 2003

It seems that the BATF have led another heroic raid that not only violated a citizens rights, but resulted in two misdemeanors.
As the folks at put it "Reminds one of the nazis. 'The Jew was charged with not wearing the Star of David to identify him as a Jew."

I thought I saw something on this the other day but I cannot find the appropriate link.
Regardless i still find the logic used to justify the practice of criminally penalizing gun owners for mere possesion a bit reminiscent of Animal Farm, where the Pigs keep changing the laws to suit their needs. What is really amazing is that in Animal Farm only the pigs could read so the changes in law were not easily verified as they would simply erase the old laws & write the new ones in their stead.
Most of us can read but that apparently hasn't made much of a difference. In Animal farm they just erased the old laws & wrot enew ones to justify their behaviour. here it seems they don't bother erasing the old laws to write new ones that justify their behaviour, they just explain how the new laws & old laws don't conflict, usually because the old laws don't mean what they say.

Ah, Orwellian analogies. possibly a true sign of paranoia you say? I say it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

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