Friday, January 31, 2003

This isn't exactly current news, but I thought it'd be worth devoting some space. Keep in mind that due to the nature of this blog, no attempt was made to contact any of the concerned parties. Although having a party for the concerned might have merit. Better yet, a party for the unconcerned.

I happened upon this some time ago in The Federal Observer. The story originated it seems in the Walkerville Weekly Reader. At first I was a little skeptical of the authenticity of the article so I decided to check out the NAACP's website. Under their archived press releases I did find a link entitled
but the link was a cyber dead end.
So the date was right, the topic seemed right, but the link no longer existed. Hmmm.
When in doubt, consult the enemy. The Violence Policy Center, that bastion of misrepresentation, mistruth, & misconception did have a copy of the original complaint filed by the NAACP in the United States District Court in New York. I cannot find the link currently on the VPC website, but the URL shows it is still in their archives. I also happened upon a copy of the NAACP press release thanks to some diligent copy & pasting over at The Federal Observer.

Now the obviously humorous part of the story involves the KKK filing the amicus curiae in support of the NAACP, but of note is what appeared on the NAACP website a few years later. The question asked on a poll was, "Have the recent sniper shootings changed your mind about gun control?" Granted, polls are polls & not exactly a concrete indicator of anything except that a poll was conducted, but it is curious that out of twenty-one responses two were neutral & three were for more gun control. That's 10% neutral, 15% for, & 75% against more gun control. Let's assume for a moment that this very unscientific method reflects the feelings of the NAACP's members overall. That would mean an organization that filed a lawsuit in order to put most small gun stores out of business & put very strict conditions upon any dealers left in business, as well as seeking unspecified monetary damages, did so with 3/4 of its members not in favor of gun control. & because of said lawsuit the NAACP has refused to do anything to support an individuals', even a black individuals' right to own & posses weapons.
Goes to show ya, the NAACP, like some other civil rights groups such as the ACLU give their full & unequivocal support to the nine amendments in the Bill of Rights.

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