Monday, January 27, 2003

The subject of rights is what I'll be focusing on. Or perhaps the rights of the subject. It's all a matter of perspective.
Many things I will say & type will seem strange, especially to those whose educational requirements were mandated by the state. The government's schools of neccesity teach a view that emphasizes the governments power, even if that comes at the expense of the people. Some of what I do will be geared toward correcting that. Some will be geared toward showing you how to correct it yourself. the rest will be my attempts to formulate the views I have into a concise unified form. I am in the process of enlisting others to help or hinder me as the case may be. Any feedback is welcome, especially corrections. Just e-mail me.

There will be a prize in the form or written congratulations to the first person who deciphers the meaning of my name, and a bonus congrats if the historical contexts of said name ( or written name as the case may be ) is discovered.

I guess this is it. Let the blogging begin.

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