Sunday, April 27, 2003

The Fifty Caliber Shooters' Policy Institute has an alert on their website that claims Sen. Feinstein has again proposed a ban on .50 caliber rifles.

Here is Sen. Feinstein's press release about her proposed ban of .50 caliber rifles.

"Despite their deadly power, these weapons are widely available to civilians and subject to less regulation than shotguns, machine guns, and handguns."

Actually shotguns & rifles, including .50 caliber rifles are subject to the same regulations provided they are not capable of automatic fire & their barrels are not below a certain minimum length.

it goes on to claim certain capabilities of a .50 caliber rifle, including "Piercing a manhole cover, a 600-pound safe, or an armored car". Well, last time I checked, a man hole cover was approximately 3 inches thick. I'm sure a .50 BMG cartridge could dent it, but piercing it is a stretch, as is piercing a 600 pound safe, althought that would depend upon how the safe is constructed. As for piercing an armored car, I hope she doesn't realize that, again depending upon the armor, a lot of very old cartidges can pierce very light armor. The .30-30 Winchester of lever action fame comes to mind, as does the .30-06 Springfield.

I could go on pointing out the errors in fact but then you'd have no excuse to read the statement. I will point out that she did neglect to mention the number of times a .50 caliber rifle has been used in a crime here in the U.S. This is probably due to that number being zero which would not really help her position.

On Sen. Feinstein's website there's an offer to have breakfast with her when you're in D.C. If you can stand to go to D.C. , the 'criminal safety' capitol of the U.S. then perhaps you can try to talk some sense into her.

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