Friday, May 02, 2003

The State Police will be armed with suppressed submachine guns at Massachussets' airports.

"The Massachusetts Port Authority, which oversees Logan, has purchased 30 of the guns for $2,500 each. The MP-5's have 30-round clips and a two-round burst capacity, which allows two shots to be fired automatically with one push of the trigger...Massport Chief Executive Officer Craig Coy said the new weaponry, which will be deployed in June, will act as a deterrent to terrorism...The MP-5's are outfitted with a noise suppressor units so they'll create less alarm among travelers if they're used. The guns are also designed for accuracy in indoor environments"

Let me point something out:

"the new weaponry...will act as a deterrent to terrorism"

So let me get this straight, a suppressed weapon capable of two shot bursts in the hands of 30 people will deter a specific kind of crime (terrorism) yet those weapons are prohibited to the average citizens who vastly outnumber the State Police & may face many types of crime including terrorism more often than the State Police?

Massachussets is in effect saying "firearms are tools & can be used effectively to deter crime but we do not want the average citizen to directly benefit from their availability because we do not trust them with their own lives".

Ironic isn't it? This country started its War for Independence because the government was sending troops to disarm the citizens of Massachussets. Now the government in Massachussets sees fit to only arm itself.

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