Friday, May 02, 2003

Lautenburg's proposal to add new restrictions to the Brady laws is pronounced dead on arrival by the Washington Times.

"Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, New Jersey Democrat, said yesterday that "chances are slim" for success of his bill, which would extend the time allowed for background checks on gun buyers during periods of heightened security alerts."

It goes on to paint a picture of the NRA that is not entirely accurate. It does this mainly through comments from gun control advocates.

"Some critics have called Republicans 'the handmaidens of the NRA,' but even gun-control activists see little evidence that defending firearms ownership has hurt the Republican Party at the ballot box.
'There is some truth to that,' AGS' Mr. Bennett said. 'But this comes in cycles, and Republicans would be foolish to think they have found the answer in the NRA's extreme position on this issue."

AGS is Americans for Gun Safety, a group that claims to respect the Rights of gun owners while calling for more stringent licensing & registration. They are more or less an organization comprised of Fuddites & gun control advocates in the guise of responsible gun owners. Anything other than Sarah Brady's idea of reasonable gun control (i.e. no one can own guns except her & the government) is viewed as an extremist fringe ideaology by them. So it's natural they they would try to give the NRA too much credit, when in fact the NRA does their side more good than ours.

It would be nice to see the Gun Owners of America included in articles such as these.

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