Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Allan C. Stover writes about the UN's civilian disarmament agenda:

"One of the many NGOs that participated in the conference was the International Action Network on Small Arms. IANSA is “an international network of over 340 organizations from 71 countries working to prevent the proliferation and misuse of small arms and light weapons.” (And you thought this was a small effort!) Here is what just one section of IANSA´s Founding Document states it wants to accomplish:
'Effective domestic control over small arms requires: Establishing laws and regulations governing the ownership of small arms, including licensing and registration arrangements, along with promotion of the political will and technical capacity to enforce those laws. . . .' Now there´s a statement that could come from our own gun grabbers. 'Domestic control' means just what it says. Our government controls our weapons by passing even more 'laws and regulations governing the ownership of small arms.' We have some 20,000 of them already, but IANSA wants more 'licensing and registration” and “the political will and technical capacity to enforce those laws.' While UN documents tend to drag on and on, this NGO says a lot in a few words.
They have another goal: 'Reducing the availability of weapons to civilians in all societies.' Even Sarah Brady couldn´t have summarized it in fewer words. That´s what both groups want, although this group says it wants to do it around the world, while Brady supposedly just wants to impose gun control on America. The IANSA website lists a link to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Brady changed the name to clean up its image, but we all know that the original name meant what it said. In fact, you can still get the Brady website."

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