Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Other bloggers have been all over this. Dixon pleads guilty to a reduced charge & gets 3 days.

To sum up, Dixon shot an intruder & was charged by a slime of a D.A. named Hynes for having an unregistered gun. Initially Hynes was throwing the book at him, but due to public pressure Hynes reduced the charge. He didn't do this because he thought maybe the people were right & he was being a bit harsh. Mope, he did it because reducing the charges meant that a judge, not a jury would decide the verdict & Hynes knew damn well that no self respecting jury would convict a father for having the means to protect his family, especially when it was undeniably necessary to have the means to protect his family.

I don't know why Dixon pleaded guilty as he had been pretty adament about fighting this thing. I do know that 1 minute in jail is too long when your only 'crime' is not having the governments permission to exercise a Right.

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