Monday, June 09, 2003

The UN has announced it will hold a global gun control forum in, appropriately enough, New York City.

'The July 7-11 meeting builds on a similar forum held in 2001, in which participating nations signed a "Program of Action" to "Prevent, Combat and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects.'
The Program of Action, or PoA, "sets the first global norms of good behavior to reduce small-arms proliferation," says a statement by the U.N. Small Arms Conference. "By agreeing to this document, all countries have formally committed themselves to take action" regarding the proliferation of "illicit" small arms and light weapons.
Among the provisions in the PoA agreed upon by member states:

A commitment to make "illicit gun production/possession a criminal offense";
The establishment of a national coordination agency on small arms;
A pledge to identify and destroy stocks of surplus weapons;
Track "officially held guns";
The notification of nations who were the original supplier of weapons when those weapons are re-exported;
The marking of guns and light weapons at the point of manufacture, so they can be tracked and traced globally; and
The maintenance of gun manufacture records.

'The purpose of the [meeting of states] in July 2003 is for governments to report their progress and lessons learned in the first two years of implementing the PoA," said the conference statement. Groups "will make their own independent report on governments' activities, as well as showcasing the important contributions that [non-governmental organizations] themselves are making to stop gun violence'. "

So they want to compare notes on which civilian disarmament programs are the most effective. I wonder if any will have the courage to say, " well, Hitler had great success with this method..." or "I think stalin was onto something when he...".
The emphasis on registration should be obvious: registration makes confiscation so much easier.
& don't expect them to invite JPFO or GOA to the forum, although I'd love to sit down with a White Russian or 5 & watch Aaron Zelman &/or Larry Pratt tell the truth. But do expect some of your favorites from the VPC & the Brady Bunch to make their feelings known on the matter.

But now onto some self damning statements from Mr. Annon himself:

The United Nations has a history of pushing an anti-gun agenda. As early as Sept. 24, 1999, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called on members of the Security Council to "tackle one of the key challenges in preventing conflict in the next century" – the proliferation and "easy availability" of small arms and light weapons. Annan identified them as the "primary tools of violence" in conflicts throughout the world.
Though the terms tend to be used interchangeably, the United Nations defines small arms as weapons designed for personal use, while light weapons are those designed for several persons operating as a crew. Together, however, such weapons account for virtually every kind of firearm from revolvers, pistols, rifles, carbines and light machine guns all the way to heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, portable anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns, mortars up to 100-mm caliber, and land mines.
"Even in societies not beset by civil war, the easy availability of small arms has in many cases contributed to violence and political instability," said Annan "Controlling that easy availability is a prerequisite for a successful peace-building process."

He correctly says that small arms are used for violence. They are. & he also correctly states that they are used for violence in countries that are not engaged in civil war.
But there are two things he left out which make his statements less than honest:
Most of the time it is the government using small arms against their own people. In fact 170,000,000 non-military (i.e. civilian) deaths were attributed to their respective governments in the 20th century.
When a civilian population possess small arms, they cannot be controlled by the likes of the UN.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to quote someone with experience in the matter. I give you the words of Helga Hooper.

"In 1934 and 1935, the German people had to register all their firearms, pistols, rifles," she explained. "The Germans only had hunting weapons. They were great hunters.
"It's very seldom that Jews owned guns, but my whole family were avid hunters. My parents had to register their guns in '34 and '35, in '36 they were confiscated" by the German government headed by Adolph Hitler.
They allowed Hitler to have "total control over the people," she said. "First they (guns) were registered, then they were confiscated, then came concentration camps."

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After reading all the above I would suggest buying this, this & a couple of these. I would also suggest starting out by placing them at 300 yards before moving them out to 600. After all, ya might as well practice with realistic targets.

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