Saturday, June 07, 2003

Looks like some people in Tennessee have come across a good idea. It's a petition to get the governor & legislature to pass a bill nullifying all federal gun control laws within the borders of Tenessee.


WHEREAS the Constitution of the United States of America mandates and guarantees the rights of the citizenry to keep and bear arms, and further mandates that the federal government shall make no law which infringes these rights, and

WHEREAS the federal government has violated, abrogated, ignored and vilified the Constitution by enacting laws which infringe these rights, and is thus in violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,

THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, as citizens of the United States, call upon and hereby petition the Governor of the State of Tennessee to initiate a bill within the legislative body of the State of Tennessee, which will nullify and make void any and all federal firearms laws, within the boundaries of the Sovereign State of Tennessee, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States.


The undersigned"

If you live in Tennesse then mosey on over & sign this thing.

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