Thursday, June 05, 2003

PBS & Bill Moyers promote an educational plan that could double as a Violence Policy Center press release.

"The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program now with Bill Moyers has included on its Web site ( an extensive "lesson plan" for teachers to instruct their high school students about the Second Amendment. Its title is the first sign that objectivity will not be a paramount goal: 'Gun Control and Terrorism: Laws or Loopholes'.
This is not the first attack on the Second Amendment that has been financed by PBS with your tax dollars. It is simply the latest. However, its target should be of particular concern to all who value our liberties and the quality of education our youth receive.
By attempting to turn classrooms into echo chambers of anti-Second Amendment dogma, Moyers and PBS erode public trust in our schools.The future of our rights can only be protected if our children are taught that the fight is constant. To continue the fight, they must be armed with the truth, not shackled by revisionist history force fed them by an anti-gun elite. This effort by PBS to undermine the Second Amendment by spreading anti-gun propaganda in our schools will only succeed if we stand by and silently allow it."

Nice to know that they take your money in the form of taxes to help fund efforts to take away your guns.

PBS contact info:

Public Broadcasting Service
1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1649
Phone: (703) 739-5000
Fax: (703) 739-0775

Also keep in mind that your elected officials in D.C. have a say in PBS funding. So a letter to them expressing your displeasure at the way they're using your money against you wouldn't hurt either.

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