Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The UN will hold yet another conference next week to promote civilian disarmament

"The Gun Owners of America say the agenda of the U.N. on this issue is not covert, but rather it is unabashed. The U.N. "unembarrassedly admits that it wants to strip small arms from all non-government individuals [like you] because the possession of such weapons allows people to oppose the U.N. itself," said Lawrence Auster, a reporter who covered a similar effort by the U.N. in 2001.
The U.N. will attempt to use this upcoming conference to put pressure on member nations, such as the United States, to apply tougher gun laws.
But, Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) has come to the defense of gun owners. He recently submitted H.R. 1146, a bill that would allow the United States to leave the U.N. He is lobbying House Republicans to allow a floor vote on his bill."

Rep. Paul has an on-line petition to demonstrate support for his bill. You can access it here.

While glancing through The Smallest Minority I stumbled upon a link he made in passing. It's the UN Security Council's Global Policy Forum on Small Arms & Light Weapons page. With links to such delightful sounding groups as UN Department for Disarmement Affairs ( Small Arms Branch) [Dept. of Propoganda & Damned Lies], UNDP Safe & Effecient Small Arms Collection & Destruction Prgramme [Dept. of Military Injustice], United Nations Institute for Disarmement Research[Dept. of Tyrannical/Despot Research - How did Hitler/Stalin/Mao do it Division]. Some of the links don't work, but some do.

Now this is probably coincidental, but if you type in the following URL

You get the following message:

You don't have permission to access /security/smallarms/ on this server.
Apache/1.3.22 Server at Port 80

Shotgun News has a column ( print version - it's not found online) by Fred who among other things sells M-14 stocks & gives advice on how to become a Rifleman. For years he's been using a scenario where UN troops come to disarm US citizens to stress the importance of marksmanship. His gun club even has a UN Day event where the official target is a blue helmet at 500 yards. Some think he goes a bit too far in preaching against the UN. I'm thinking that if they had read the info about the UN linked above, they might start joining Fred at his range on UN Day. Pick up a Shotgun News & judge his column for yourself.

Update: I neglected to include the following link when I initially posted. The link was found over at I Am Always Right.

At the G8 summit Brazil & France propose international tax on guns to end world hunger.

Interesting idea. Of course the US has been using taxation as a means of infringing upon an individual's Right to Arms for almost 70 years now. The article goes on to discuss the UN's efforts at civilian disarmament.

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