Saturday, March 29, 2003

A 52 year old woman is on a hunger strike in D.C. However it's not because of her feelings about the war, or foreign policy, or Bush. Her husband was convicted of failing to file a tax return & she is on a hunger strike untill her congressman answers questions she (& a lot of other people have) concerning the income tax system.
The woman is 52. She weighed 100 pounds when she started the hunger strike 24 days ago. All that she wants are answers to her questions. To put it more dramatically she desires a redress of grievences. So far the federal government has been unwilling to discuss questions brought by those questioning the income tax system. In fact most questions cannot be brought in court cases because they are deemed frivilous & stiff penalties are mandated for raising them.
If you get the oppurtunity ask your reps any of these question & see what kind of response you get. & pay a visit to We The People to find out a little more on the nature of the questions that haven't been addressed.

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