Saturday, March 29, 2003

In Maine a bill that would allow women who are victims of domestic violence carry weapons w/o permits is meeting stiff opposition.

"Protective orders issued by the courts 'are a good tool for law enforcement,' Republican Rep. Michael Vaughan told the Criminal Justice Committee, but 'they don't stop a bullet or (a) knife'."

" women's advocates or domestic-violence groups endorsed the bill, which came under attack from the state Department of Public Safety, an organization representing Maine police chiefs and a gun-control group."
"...Even the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine, which generally champions gun ownership and backed some pro-gun bills that were considered by the committee on Wednesday, did not endorse Vaughan's bill."
"...Maj. Craig Poulin of the state police. He noted that the bill would allow suspects with pending felony charges and people guilty of reckless or negligent conduct to carry concealed weapons without permits...'introducing a firearm into a domestic violence situation has the potential for grave consequences that far outweigh any perceived benefit'."

What the article didn't mention is that perpetrators of domestic violence are also oppossed to the bill. Imagine if they were trying to kill their 'ex' & she pulled out a gun! That would be dangerous.
If you are a woman & you are a victim of domestic violence * would highly recommend being armed at all times despite any law to the contrary. Seek training as soon as possible & most importantly take responsibility for your own safety.
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