Thursday, March 27, 2003

An article calls for us all to support Ron Paul ( R-Tx) as the Republican candidate for President in 2004, & more importantly convince Rep. Paul to run.

There is a website set up by third parties (pun intended) to promote Rep. Paul's run for office under an independant party as well as convince rep. Paul ro run.

There is a poll that asks who should be the next Libertarian presidential candidate in which Rep. Paul has approximately 51% of the 600 votes so far.

& finally a petition to draft Rep. Paul as the presidential candidate for all third parties.

If you are not familiar with Rep. Paul I recommend you rememdy that. He is one of the few people in government to seem to care more about the people than his pension. this is linked on the left side of this page but for your convenience I will re-link it here:'s collection of essays by Ron Paul.

Sure, it'd be a long shot for Rep. Paul to win. But if he runs I'll support him as I know very few politicians who dare agree with me that all federal firearms laws are unconstitutional. I could be wrong, but if all the libertarian/conservative pro-constitution/pro-Rights third parties put aside their differences & supported him, he may just have a chance.

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