Thursday, April 10, 2003

I sincerely wish Montana had more representation in Congress. This is their idea of an anti-terrorism bill.

" (1) The people of these United States are exhorted to participate individually in the war on terrorism.

(2) The participation of individual people in interdicting acts of terrorism should be both passive, such as being observant, and active, such as individual acts of contention and interdiction against any terrorists attempting to commit a terrorist act.

(3) Individual people participating in the prevention of acts of terrorism must not be prevented from having at hand the tools necessary for such prevention, especially firearms, by the federal government, any state or local government, or any subdivision of these governments.

(4) Individual people assisting in prevention of terrorist acts must be exempted from criminal and civil liability arising out of such preventative acts, according to established and standard doctrine for allowable uses of lethal force.

(5) Medals and citations of award should be created to honor and reward individuals who materially serve their country by preventing any act of terrorism on United States soil. "

Has the Patriot Act beat all to hell & back now don't it?

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