Friday, April 11, 2003

The NRA has decided to file a seperate lawsuit challenging the D.C. gun ban. For some background on the lawsuit filed by The Cato Institute look here & here.

It seems though that the NRA has made things more difficult for Cato's lawsuit.

"First, the suit is simply unnecessary, a waste of time and resources. Only the NRA lawyers with meters running stand to benefit. This is an NRA-Holbrook ego case, an effort to get involved when in the past the NRA has been slow, retrogressive, a do-nothing in the litigation field, aside from occasional amicus briefs...Second, the redundant suit will delay the outcome in DC by months. This will enable anti-gun forces to become involved, to intervene, to file briefs, to push to uphold DC's ban on firearms...Halbrook-NRA also sued Attorney General John Ashcroft as a defendant, the powerful US Dept of Justice. That was unnecessary and counterproductive. That means from now on the case will be defended by the highly competent lawyers of the DOJ, with unlimited resources...Write Halbrook and the NRA directors exposing this colossal mistake. Ask them to withdraw the suit. Ask them to butt out altogether of test cases in the Second Amendment field. They have no winning strategy or track record in this area."

Of course the NRA won't withdraw their suit: they would lose too much face if they did. They'd also lose too much face if anyone other than the NRA won in a challenge to a gun law. I could be mistaken but it seems to me like they purposely muddied the water to keep anyone from showing them up.

If you were thinking of joining or renewing an NRA membership you'd be better served by just turning your guns in to the cops. By doing it yourself you'd cut out the middle man (theNRA) & save a bit of cash.
If you're wanting to join an org who will defend your Rights as best they can, then look into GOA, JPFO, SAF, & any local no-compromise groups in your area that aren't NRA-affiliated.

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