Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The mayor of Elkhart, Indiana asks neighborhood watch members to stop carrying arms.

"...But after September 11th, he changed the name to Woodlawn Homeland Security. That's when he, along with two of the three neighborhood volunteers, began to patrol with guns.
Woodlawn Homeland Security volunteer Michael Carretti says, "People used to walk into these houses and rob people and we got sick and tired of it, so we took into our own hands." The chief of the association, Jack Sanders, says, 'There are bad guys out there but not in here, and it's not because of the police department. It's because of us'.
Elkhart Mayor David Miller says there were 45 crimes, two years ago, reported in the Woodlawn neighborhood. But last year there were only four. 'I applaud all of those types of efforts to make our neighborhood more of a safer city.' But he doesn't applaud that Woodlawn volunteers carry guns even though they have permits and are trained. 'I can't force them not to. I can simply set the standards and hope people follow'."

Here's another story about the mayor's request.

So even though their armed neighborhood watch program has been successful in reducing crime the mayor feels they should disarm. I suppose there's a logic to it: the crime rate probably will go back up, but if they keep carrying guns someone could get hurt!

In case one of my 3 daily readers lives in Elkhart Indiana, may I suggest running for office? Your city needs you.

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