Monday, May 12, 2003

In Indiana a teacher is suspended for bringing a gun to school.

"Indianapolis, May 9 - Students from Broad Ripple High School's yearbook staff spent their Friday morning outside, snapping photos around the school. At noon, they noticed a car trunk ajar. When they looked inside they noticed, in a pouch, sitting in the trunk, a 38-caliber handgun.
The car belonged to a substitute teacher. The students told the principal what they found and school police escorted Eric Harris off the property. "

Apparently armed adults who wish to defend themselves are not positive role-models for our kids. While I am sure that the kids who did such a good job of ratting out the teacher will be held up so others can follow their example.
The only way school shootings are going to stop, or at least be severely limited is if teachers, administrators & other adults are not prohibitied from having arms on school property. Gun Free School Zones mean 1 thing: everyone is defenseless. At Columbine High School in Colorado it took the police several hours before they entered the school. I believe it took about twice as long for the police to enter the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland last Friday after a man started shooting. In Virginia & Mississippi school shootings were stopped when teachers &/or students retrieved their weapons from their cars & stopped the shooter by force or threat of force. It would have been over much quicker & with even less casualties had they been allowed to have their weapons on them instead of in their cars.
But apparently in Indiana, as in most other places, the state thinks it's better to be an unarmed victim waiting to happen than to be an individual capable of defending yourself & others.

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