Saturday, May 17, 2003

The U.S. imposes gun control in Iraq.

"US troops will be given orders to arrest any Iraqis who carry or sell guns, it was announced today.
The commander of US ground forces, Lieutenant General David McKiernan, today said that the new administrators of Iraq will soon establish laws aimed at restoring law and order on the streets.
'We'll focus our effort on eliminating so-called gun markets, and will arrest anyone who possesses or sells guns,' he said in an announcement, which was read in Arabic on the coalition-run Voice of New Iraq radio station.
'Coalition forces will hunt down these people who, through their irresponsible acts, are threatening the lives of every man, woman and child,' the statement said. Lt Gen McKiernan urged citizens to report anyone possessing a weapon to coalition forces."

So in the aftermath of war, when Hussein loyalists & criminals are roaming relatively free, the U.S. decides the best thing to do is to disarm the populace??? I see Lt. General McKiernan used the obligatory line about 'the children'.
That's a fine way to start a new government - instilling from the very onset that weapons are bad & the ordniary citizen cannot possess them.

What should be in the back of our minds, despite the urge to brush it off as rampant paranoia is that these are U.S. troops disarming a civilian populace. If they will follow orders to enforce civilian disarmament in a foreign country then what guarantee is there that they wouldn't follow orders to do it here?

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