Wednesday, May 14, 2003

The jury in the NAACP lawsuit against gun manufacturers is in its third day of deliberations. (It's the second story down)

"Jurors said they were at an impasse over whether the industry's marketing and distribution practices were specifically harmful to the N.A.A.C.P.'s members. The judge will make the final ruling, but the jury was empaneled to advise the judge in the suit, which claims that the industry could do much more to keep guns from being sold to criminals."

Of course if (or more likely when) the (very biased) judge decides against the gun manufacturers I hope every gun owning member of the NAACP cancels their membership & stops payment on any uncashed checks they've sent to them. Further I'd like to see them demand a full refund of any donations paid since the lawsuit was filed. Finally I want to see the NAACP's reaction if &/or when a gun store refuses to sell a firearm to a black person because of their race. It would obviously be a case of discrimination & therefore wrong, but isn't this what the NAACP is suing the gun manufacturers over? Selling guns to black people?

There are many many legitimate areas where the NAACP could be useful. In the past they have been very useful in promoting equality for black people. Now it seems they want black people equally disarmed & defenseless. The Klan never feared the NAACP or any other (unarmed) group more than a black man with a shotgun. It's a shame the NAACp has forgotten this.

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