Monday, May 12, 2003

An Ohio man who stopped a violent felony is rewarded by being arrested, charged & having to come up with $25,000 bail.

"The neighborhood watch activist who critically injured an armed robber inside a Northside bar returned to jail Saturday after an appearance in Hamilton County Municipal Court.
Judge Karla Grady set Harold McKinney's bond at $25,000 even though his attorney, Mark Naegel, vouched that his client should be released because of his outstanding character.
McKinney, 54, of Northside, served in the Army and attended the University of Cincinnati and Western Hills High School, Naegel said."

It seems that in Ohio they would rather have had a bar robbed &/or shot up. This man did what all of us are supposed to do: he acted according to his ability to protect the life & property of himself & others. Because he was not on the government payroll they are trying to make an example out of him. In fact they are charging him with a more severe crime than the men who were trying to rob the place.

"McKinney, a member of Cincinnati's Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP), remained in the Hamilton County jail on Saturday, facing charges of felonious assault and carrying a weapon in a tavern.
Joseph Person, 18, was taken to University Hospital in critical condition. He faces two counts of aggravated robbery.
His alleged partner, DeMeico Hester, 18, was discovered at a nearby coin laundry, police said. He remained at the Hamilton County jail on charges of aggravated robbery."

If you are in the Cincinnati area contact McKinney’s attorney Mark Naegel as I’m sure any & all help would be appreciated.

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