Friday, August 29, 2003

In Alabama there is a man who hosts hunts for those that are seriously ill &/or handicapped.

"Bushman is the founder and CEO of Buckmasters, an Alabama-based organization of deer hunters. As the publisher of Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine and host of the Buckmasters television show, Bushman gets to hunt all over North America.
But it is the deer hunts at Sedgefield Plantation, near Selma, Ala., that mean the most to Bushman.
For each of the past three years, Bushman, Buckmasters and Sedgefield have hosted about a dozen hunters who are either physically disabled or seriously ill. The hunters are joined by their families and by celebrities at the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation Disabled Hunter Services Life Hunt.
Hunters at this year's Life Hunt ranged in age from 9 to 58. Some of the participants had spinal cord injuries or genetic conditions such as spina bifida that required them to hunt from wheelchairs. Others were battling cancer and leukemia, yet they found the strength to get out in the woods and hunt."

"According to Buckmasters, about 1.7 million physically handicapped Americans enjoy hunting and the shooting sports. Besides hunts, the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation Disabled Hunter Services offers scholarships that cover the expenses incurred by disabled hunters, provides crossbows and grants for the purchase of mechanical gun rests that can be used by quadriplegics. For more information, visit or ."

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