Friday, August 29, 2003

Live in California? Feel like any republican would be an improvement over Gov. Davis? Think Sen. McClintock doesn't have a chance? Want to risk having your Right to Arms trampled even further? Then vote for Arnold.

Dave Codrea has a piece up at entitled Schwarzenegger Wrong for Gun Owners, Wrong for California For the rest of the nation it's not as important, but for Californians this is the one thing you should read if you don't have time ot read anything else today. Now personally I feel he hammers the monarchist angle a bit heavy, but in general Mr. Codrea nails it.

Mr. Codrea points us to the following quotes by Mr. Schwarzenegger on the subject of firearms:

"I don't run around every day with a gun in my hand," he reportedly said. "So I want kids to understand the difference; one is make-believe, like we do in the movies. But in reality I'm for gun control. I'm a peace-loving guy."

When asked by Sean Hannity if he supports "the Brady Bill or the 'assault weapons' ban or both," Schwarzennegger replied "Yes, I do [unintelligible] support that, and also I would like to close the loophole of the gun shows."

Still want Mr. Schwarzenegger in the Governor's mansion? Well, I guess California's victim disarmament laws weren't tough enough anyway.

For the heck of it here's a link to Hugh Hewitt's interview with Mr. Schwarzenegger. I listen to Mr. Hewiit as he's very entertaining. However he is a die hard Republican. Capital friggin' "R". & he has been know to be an apologist for the Republicans. Any center Right Republican can do very little wrong in Mr. Hewitt's eyes, & the wrongs that do happen he won't discuss - unless it's a bad campaign strategy move. So don't expect Mr. Hewitt to throw Mr. Schwarzenegger any curves, fast-balls, sliders, change-ups or knucklers. Expect a medium-slow underhand pitch right over the plate. & should any infield pop-ups occur expect Mr. Hewitt to knock the infielder out cold before he can make the catch. Mr Hewitt supports Mr. Schwarzeneggar over Sen. McClintock simply because Mr. Schwarzenegger would be an easier candidate to get elected.

Visit the McClintock campaign's home page. If you're still doubting that he should be the next governor of California then read this speech Sen. McClintock gave in 2001 called Freedom & Firearms. & I would point out that Sen. McClintock received a "100%" rating from GOA in 2001 & 2002. Contrast that with Mr. Schwarzeneggar's thoughts on firearms.

Now that Bill Simon has dropped out of the race, Sen. McClintock has a chance to narrow the lead that Mr. Schwarzenegger has on him. & should someone talk Mr. Schwarzeneggar into dropping out then Sen. McClintock would have an easy victory over Lt. Gov. Bustamante. According to an LA Times poll from August 24th, Lt. Gov. Bustamante had 35%, Mr. Schwarzenegger has 22%, Sen. McClintock had 12%& Mr. Simon had 6%. So if Mr. Simon's 6% swings over to Sen. McClintock, then he'd only be 3% behind Mr. Schwarzenegger. Ideally, if Mr. Schwarzenegger drops out & his 22% swing to Sen. McClintock then that would be 40% of the vote locked up.

In any event vote for Sen. McClintock. Encourage your friends to vote for Sen. McClintock. He is perhaps the best qualified candidate that California has seen in a while, & definitely the most pro-gun governor California could hope for.

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