Friday, August 29, 2003

Some good news for a change. Mr. Bean has been pardoned by Texas Governor Perry. Mr. Bean still needs federal action - either through the Secretary of Treasury of The President - to have his Rights fully restored. The Supreme Court ruled last December that the two lower courts (a federal district court & the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals) who granted Mr. Bean relief were in error as they did not have jurisidiction to do that. They could only grant relief if the BATF denied Mr. Beans application for relief & they concluded that the BATF's not being able to rule either way on Mr. bean's plight did not constitute a denial. the BATF has been unable to hold hearings & grant relief to those whose firearms Rights were taken away since 1992 when Congress chose to abstain from funding that particular program. Congress felt it easier to deny funds to the program & forbid funds being used for it from other sources than to do away with the program altogether.

In any event at least Texas recognizes an injustice when they see it & further they attempt to correct it.

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