Wednesday, August 27, 2003

There's something y'all should read over at the GOA homepage. It's called The Feds Want To Teach Gun Control

An excerpt:

"H.R. 1078, introduced by Rep. Roger Wicker (R-MS), would set up Presidential Academies to train educators in teaching civics and history. That certainly sounds innocuous enough. What's the problem with that?
The problem is that by further centralizing the training process for teachers, radical educators will find it much easier to excise Second Amendment rights and other important principles from this nation's classrooms.
The Feds have already imposed curriculum standards on the nation's government schools with previous legislation. The result was the publication of "guidelines" which are reflected in an anti-gun textbook called We the People.
The guidelines and We the People are so busy teaching multiculturalism and environmentalism that they have no time for teaching the Tenth Amendment, which severely limits what the federal government can do.
Is that a surprise to anyone? If kids are never taught there are limits to the federal government's power, then we shouldn't be surprised when tomorrow's leaders don't have problems passing gun control legislation.
We the People does mention the Second Amendment in the section on historical development. But it gets the student to start questioning the wisdom of the amendment, asking the student whether the right to keep and bear arms is still as "important today" as it was in the eighteenth century and to decide what "limitations" should be placed on the right."

Go read the whole thing & contact your congress-critters about this. However if this kind of thing doesn't make you give serious consideration to home schooling or private schooling for your kids, then perhaps this will. (Courtesy of The Bitch Girls' very own Bitter Bitch who credits the initial find to Wizbang)

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