Friday, February 21, 2003

Denver, Colorado. A lovely area nestled on the edge of the plains as they prepare to meet the Rocky Mountains. The view is picturesque, the location is convenient, & the air is getting putrid. Smog? Not so much. Sanitation problems? Not exactly. Sewer leakage? We're getting closer.

Denver is a place where by city ordinance people are forbidden to have, use, or carry firearms. Not just concealed firearms, but firearms period. Unless you're a cop that is.
Colorado is a state with fairly liberal firearms laws, except that cities, towns & counties may enact their own laws in addition to state law. So the legality of your firearm can change from county to county & from city to city.
Do you see a potential for problems with this approach? So do some Colorado lawmakers who have proposed a bill that would forbid cities & counties from making laws that prohibit the carrying, owning or sale of firearms. The law seems to be on its way to passing the senate. Passing the House shouldn't be an issue. Whether or not the Governor will veto it is debatable, as he has shown every indication of being an ambitious ass especially when it's a question of gaining power at the expense of the people.
But where does the sewage leaks come into all this? Denver Mayor Wellington Webb. The Denver Post & Julia C Martinez. Senators Joan Fitzgerald (D-Golden). Senator Ken Gordon (D-Denver).
I refer you to this amazing attempt at unbiased coverage of the above mentioned Senate bill. Note that they did include a comment from the bill's sponsor (Sen. Dyer) as well as Senator Bob Hagedorn (D-Aurora). The story also has comments from Cynthia Stone of Colorado ceasefire (a local chapter of a gun control group) & Sam Mamet of the Colorado Municipal League who were both against the bill. So that's 6 opposed & 2 for the bill. A bill which past a preliminary vote in the state Senate. & no comments from any pro-gun groups in the area, of which there are several. Any more doubts about media bias?

But sadly, the worst of it follows:

"We will do everything legally in our power to uphold our constitutional rights and to assure we can continue to protect citizens of our city," Webb said.

Webb said he will not stand for gang members or anyone else besides law enforcement having access to guns at public functions, church activities and sporting events in Denver.

"This bill would strip the power of cities to protect their own citizens," said Cynthia Stone, spokeswoman for Colorado Ceasefire, a political advocacy group opposed to legislation it believes would put more guns on the streets.

"It still allows, in my opinion, home-rule cities to regulate the sale, purchase or possession of guns," Hagedorn said. "They just can't ban them."

So, according to Sen. Hagedorn, cities may still require a permit that costs $2,000,000 per day to own or possess weapons that were previously banned. Ms. Stone believes that cities are able to protect its citizens now but if the citizens are able to protect themselves then cities will magically lose that ability.

Mayor Webb disgusts me beyond words. He claims a constitutional right to infringe upon the constitutional rights of people unfortunate enough to be in his sphere of influence. He reminds me of a hypothetical Nazi who would claim he has a God given right to kill Jews. Perhaps not as hypothetical as Nazi gun control laws did disarm many Jews who could have fought back instead of being herded into the cattle cars.

So if you plan to come to Denver for any reason, be aware that the Mayor would rather see you dead than have you defend yourself. He cares more about his own petty power trips than he does your rights.

If you live in Denver or in Colorado (or both!) ostracize these people: don't vote for them; don't socialize with them; don't do business with them, etc...

But by all means write them if you are so inclined

Julia C. Martinez

Wellington E. Webb
Mayor of Denver

Joan Fitz-Gerald
Minority Leader of the Senate
Colorado State Senator, District 16
Office Location: 200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-2318
Fax: 303-866-4543

Assistant Minority Leader of the Senate
Colorado State Senator, District 35
Office Location: 200 E. Colfax
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-866-4875

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