Thursday, February 20, 2003

Ilana Mercer in a WorldNetDaily column has an article about globalization & it's dangers.

"A global government, moreover, constitutes the ultimate monopoly, since it straddles all nations. Once subject to global enforcement, inhabitants of nation-states have no escape routes. They cannot contest U.N. policies by upping and leaving. Once the same laws and regulations blanket all nations alike, citizens will be trapped."

"That the U.N. is working diligently to homogenize laws the world over is, incidentally, a source of delight to national leaders. These leaders don't want to have to stay competitive in order to keep productive people and their capital in their jurisdictions. The real U.S. sovereignty violators then are successive American governments. By becoming signatories to global wealth-distributing agreements and assorted schemes that place Americans under U.N. jurisdiction, our own governments continue to betray us."

It's something you should read & consider.

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