Monday, February 17, 2003

Today class we will discuss the term "Fuddite".
A Fuddite is not a member of an ancient people, or perhaps he is after all. A Fuddite is a person who feels no threat from gun control as long as the gun control is not aimed specifically at his "wabbit huntin" gun. As you can surmise the term is derived from that wascally character Elmer Fudd.
Fuddites represent a very real danger to themsleves & to us all. They do not oppose, & sometimes even condone gun control measures that leave their hunting guns alone. Their motto is "I don't need that to hunt ducks or rabbits" & they are almost zealous in their attempts to shun reality. Should any attempt be made to reason with them that when one gun is threatened all guns are threatened, they are quicker than an anit gunner to label you as a "gun nut". Likewise attempts at explaining to them the real reason behind the second amendment will be met with slanderous retorts about your ancestry. Fuddites find it painful to think that the second amendment right to bear arms does not in fact protect duck or wabbit hunting, but rather the peoples right to throw off a tyrannical government.

One day the Fuddites will arise & find that since the anti gun crowd has banned everything else, they will turn their attention on the Fuddites most prized possession: his hunting shotgun (or rifle). But by then the Fuddites will be the only one left having arms. & their calls for help will be unanswered as those bitter "gun nuts" recall to them how they helped ban this gun or that gun. Ironically if left to his own devices the Fuddite, who would sacrifice everything crucial to everyone else, would end up losing the thing most crucial to him: his hunting shotgun (or rifle). More ironic still, the "gun nuts" he so distains are the only thing keeping his hunting shotgun (or rifle) safe. His strategy of giving up the freedoms of others because he fails to realize he is giving up his own freedoms will one day prove more than even the "gun nuts" can handle. You see, while there are very ardent "gun nuts" which would fight to the death to preserve the Fuddites right to own arms, they are not very many, whereas the Fuddites are too numerous to count. It is these overwhelming numbers that will prove to be the downfall of "gun nut" & Fuddite alike, for the majority elects the people who make the laws. As Fuddites think the sole extent of liberty is hunting, they do not heed the warnings of the "gun nuts" who warn them of a legislators scheme to banish all guns. In fact some Fuddites support the banishment of all guns, save their hunting shotgun (or rifle). So the Fuddites vote for legislators who promise to extend wabbit season if they can ban all guns, knowing that they would never, ever, ever ban the Fuddites hunting shotgun (or rifle).
Now ask yourself this: are you a Fuddite? Is your neighbor a Fuddite? If you are not sure & need yet another example you may find it here.

The best strategy for dealing with a Fuddite is explaining the principles upon which this nation was founded. Referencing the Decleration of Independence, the Constitution, the writings of Jefferson, Adams, etc... Then attempt to enlighten him to the atrocities commited in the 20th century by governments against their own people. The JPFO is a helpful resource for this. Finally explain to him that the goal of every gun control group is to ban his hunting shotgun (or rifle). Explain that they accomplish this incrementally, first going after the assault rifles, then the handguns, then the junk ( read affordable) guns, untill finally they will come for his hunting shotgun (or rifle).
Should all of the above fail, simply refuse to do business with him. Refuse to socialize with him. Exclude him from your circle of friends. Through his own ignorance & selfishness he has become your worst enemy, & because of his lack or reason he will endanger every freedom that you hold dear: he will endanger the very lives of your family.
That is todays lesson about the Fuddite: may he soon be extinct.

The Fuddite who inspired this blog is Dale Bowman. He can be reached at He apparently has a radio show. "Bowman's Outdoor Line'' is heard on "Outdoors with Mike Norris'' (3-4 p.m. Thursdays, 1280-AM).
I would also recomend anyone in the Chicago area call the station & let them know you will not be a loyal listener with Fuddites on their roster.

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