Friday, February 21, 2003

NYC does it again: an Airman (U.S.A.F.) who justifiably killed an intruder will be charged for illegal possession of a weapon. Also look here.
Apparently people in NYC have been choosing to defy the law & protect their lives quite a bit.
The following is from the Bronx attorney who is prosecuting Mr. Dixon, a vet who shot an intruder in his daughters room:

"In a statement released through his spokesman yesterday, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said: 'We're not disputing that Mr. Dixon had a right to shoot the person who broke into his house. But he had no right to have that gun."

Huh??? How can one shoot someone, which was his right according to D.A. Hynes, if he would have not had the gun which according to D.A. Hynes was not his right?
I don't think D.A. is an abbreviation for District Attorney in Mr. Hynes case.

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