Friday, April 25, 2003

The Denver City Council is trying to find ways around the recently passed Colorado laws that prevent cities from prohibiting arms.

"Denver officials are drafting ordinances and considering a lawsuit in an effort to retain the city's gun controls, even though two recently passed state laws largely take control out of municipalities' hands. Members of the City Council, the city attorney's office, the district attorney's office and the Police Department met Wednesday at the council's weekly safety committee meeting. They discussed what could be done to preserve Denver's ability to regulates guns within its boundaries, something Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said the city has done since the 1860s. The group then went into a closed-door session to further discuss strategies."

What the article doesn't say, or doesn't say plainly at least, is that Denver's City Council is upset that they may not be able to violate the Rights of its citizens in the name of public safety. They're upset at the loss of power & are attempting to use a very assinine argument which can be summed up as 'Denver has a constitutional Right to infringe upon its citizens constitutional Rights & we're going to use every political & legal trick we can to prevent the state from preventing us from preventing the exercise of the Right to Self Defense'.

Of course, the Denver Post would not consider printing that assesment as they are one of the most anti-gun papers I've seen to date.

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