Tuesday, April 22, 2003

A Tennessee man was arrested for running into a burnign building to save his dog. The police claim he was endangering the lives of firefighters when he bravely rescued his pet/companion from his buring apartment.

"[Assistant Chief Kim Lawson, spokeswoman for the Nashville Fire Department] Lawson said it's the Fire Department's responsibility, not that of citizens, to rescue animals and people from burning buildings."

Ms. Lawson could not be more incorrect. It is every citizens' responsibility to do what he/she can in defense of other citizens. That would include attempting to rescue people from being burned to death, as well as stopping criminals. While no one should be faulted for not risking ones life to save anothers, neither should they be told it's not their place.
Firefighters are professionals & deserve respect, but to delegate to them alone the safety of our loved ones & even pets is to place an unfair burden on them.

The main crime was not that he risked his life, but he disobeyed a direct command from a government official ( yes, firefighters are government agents, albeit usually agents of local governments). So instead of being honored for bravery, he is being punished. Shameful.

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