Friday, April 25, 2003

Interordnance of America LP has a notice that warns the BATF may contact some of its customers concerning parts the company has sold. Interordnance sells firearms as well as accessories & parts. They are a distributor but they sell parts & accessories directly to the public via mail orders. Firearms they sell must be transferred to a federally licensed dealer.
It does not say how the BATF obtained their customers contact info, but I assume it was because the company turned it over to them. A company is not required to keep information on customers unless they purchase a registered firearm & since Interordnance sells arms only to licensed dealers I cannot see any justification for them keeping any information that they would have to turn over to the BATF.
The BATF occassionaly contacts individuals & claims that a particular firearm or part is now illegal for them to possess & they must turn it in. They have never, to my knowledge have offered any compensation for the items that they demand be turned over to them. The last time I remember this happenning involved certain shotguns, particularly the Street Sweeper, a shotgun with a 12 shot rotary cylinder manufactured originally by Armscor of South Africa. These shotguns that were reclassified as 'destructive devices' are no different in function than revolvers. They are now subject to prio BATF approval & a $200 tax before a person can own one.
What is also worth mentioning is that the BATF has no jurisdiction over parts, except for firearms receivers, silencer parts & parts that will convert a semi-automatic arm into a fully automatic arm.

So I find it odd that Interordnance would hand over information on its customers when its not required to do so & that the BATF would again be engaging in seizing lawfully obtained property.

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