Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The Denver City Council will meet Wednesday to decide how the new gun laws will affect them. It's reported that at least part of the meeting will be held in a closed session.

"I personally believe that as a home-rule city, we have a responsibility to our citizens and our residents to say, 'Hey, I'm not a gun advocate, and we don't want weapons in our city,"' [Councilwoman Elbra] Wedgeworth said.

I assume she has never thought about the responsibility she has to the Rights of those same citizens to be able to defend themselves. I hope the voters won't be as forgetful when she's running for office again, although Denver is a major bastion of liberal/communal/socialist ideaologies so I fear she will probably gain support for such foolishness.

Weapons are not the problem, it is people who use weapons to intimidate or harm others without provocation. what she is advocating is not a weapon & crime free city, but a safe zone for criminals with a bunch of defenseless citizens to prey upon.

The law she wishes to ignore is the Colorado pre-emption law which prohibits cities & counties from enacting bans on firearms. Denver has a ban on assault weapons as well as possession of any weapons even by residents in their own vehicles. State law recognizes the Right to defend yourself, even while traveling. Of course the councilwoman fails to mention that there have been several car jackings in the last few months with a few fatalities. The fatalities occurred before the pre-emption law was passed. I would hold her & every other Denver City Councilperson partly responsible for those deaths if they had any part in infringing upon the victims Right to Arms that they could have defended themselves with.

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