Thursday, April 24, 2003

The NRA vs. Ron Paul. It's the last story on the page. It seems that the NRA is contemplating opposing Rep. Paul in the Texas Republican primary next year. The source of their contention is that Rep. Paul voted against the bill designed to stop frivilous lawsuits against gun manufacturers. Rep. Paul's objection to the bill was that the federal government had no authority to interfere with state matters.

What is ironic is that Rep. Paul, who has constantly introduced legislation to repeal various federal gun control laws is being frowned upon by the NRA. The NRA constantly supports candidates who vote for & occassionally introduce gun control laws, yet they are thinking of withdrawing their support for one of the most steadfast supporters of the Right to Arms because they disagree with his views on Constitutional authority?

Gun Owners of America still supports Rep. Paul. If you were thinking of joining or renewing your NRA membership might I recommend sending the money to GOA instead?

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