Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Clint E. Lacy writes about the Missouri Concealed Carry Law which is being considered by the legislature.

"I have to give thanks to Gun Owners of America for e-mailing me some very interesting facts about Missouri HB 349, the concealed weapons law currently awaiting what will assuredly be Missouri Governor Bob Holden's veto. Don't worry Governor Holden has a while before he has to make a decision and you can bet that when he does veto this bill, it won't be because of his love of freedom or Constitutional law.
The Republicans on the other hand aren't supporting this bill for their beliefs in the second amendment or love of freedom either. No this bill is about subverting gun rights. It's just one more example of how little real differences their are between the two parties.
According to Gun Owners of America the current legislation contains provisions that would make the minimum age to obtain a permit 23. There would be a long list of "No-Safety Zones" in which law-abiding citizens would be disarmed. Excessive training requirements. High fees making it harder to obtain a permit. A loophole that would allow any local law enforcement official to deny a permit to anyone who might be suspected of "negative behavior". HB 349 would also make it mandatory to fingerprint all applicants. There is also a provision to post information on drivers' licenses stating that a citizen is carrying.
Gun Owners of America are reluctantly supporting this bill. Reluctantly because it has been so hard to even get our elected officials in Missouri to even consider another concealed weapons proposal. I can't support this legislation and I won't support it. It's like a voter going into the booth and voting for the lesser of two evils. Evil is evil so why compromise on the subject? "

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