Friday, May 23, 2003

More details on the NRA member that the NRA had arrested for passing out pro-gun literature at their convention.

"Condon is a member of the NRA. He registered for the free convention two months ago. He was distributing information to members of his own clan. 'How can you be guilty of trespassing on a piece of property you were invited to come onto?' asks Frederick W. Vollrath, Condon's attorney.
Vollrath says the case will likely be thrown out as soon as an Orange County prosecutor is assigned to it. He's prepared to point out the large number of U.S. Supreme Court decisions showing that Condon had a right to distribute information on the very spot he was arrested.
Condon, meanwhile, blames the NRA for his arrest. He says legislative-affairs director Glen Caroline warned him to stop distributing fliers and that a security officer told him the arrest was approved by NRA leadership.
'Somebody decided to make a decision,' Condon says. 'The idiots at the NRA had one of their own members, a pro-gun rights advocate, arrested.'
The NRA failed to return phone calls. But the Convention Center's manager of security and transportation, Greg Forehand, agrees with Condon, saying he was arrested "on behalf of the NRA management staff."
'We don't like to trespass anyone,' Forehand says. 'It's not what we are all about here. We believe in family. We believe in hospitality. These things are very important to us."

To be honest, this still kinda has me baffled. The only thing I can think of is that the NRA simply didn't like pro-gun literature being passed out that showed no NRA connection.

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