Saturday, May 24, 2003

Denver has filed a lawsuit against the state over the new pre-emption law which prohibits Denver from regulating &/or prohibiting weapons.

"We're going to enforce personnel regulations that say, for instance, that you cannot bring a gun to work even though some may interpret the new law to allow that,' Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell said."

So they intend to enforce their violative laws despite the state explicitly forbidding it. They are content that the people of Denver are defenseless even though they have no obligation to provide for their defense.

"Filed in Denver District Court, the suit asks for a judgment that allows the city to continue to enforce local regulations. If the home rule challenge is successful, it will apply to 84 communities statewide.
The suit targeted a law that removed local control over the permits by establishing a statewide policy that is more liberal than some jurisdictions have allowed."

Why don't they be honest about it & simply ask the court to not take away their ability to infirnge upon an individuals' Rights?

But suprisingly the Denver Post actually spoke to someone who's on our side:

"Dudley Brown, spokesman for the lobbying group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said Denver is using home rule as an excuse to restrict firearms, violating the state Constitution.
'This would be a legitimate dispute if we were talking about parking fines or fees for a water tap. This is an issue of people's civil rights,' Brown said."

Mr. Brown is correct. Denver is using the premise of home rule to restrict a person's Rights. What's more they are using taxpayer money to attempt to repeal the protection of a Right for those same taxpayers. If I could be sure of enough support to keep 10 or 20 people from going to jail, I would encourage every taxpayer within the city & county of Denver to withold tax money until this foolishness ends.

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