Tuesday, May 20, 2003

World Net Daily has an article about the possibility of the House voting on the Assault Weapons Ban.

"Also ambiguous regarding the fate of the ban is House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois, who dodged questions from reporters Thursday about the ban's renewal.
'I had a discussion with Mr. DeLay [about] what he actually said to the press. I think he was trying to put his old whip's hat on and trying to figure out whether there are the votes or not,' Hastert said when asked if he agreed with DeLay that a new bill reauthorizing the ban should not even go to the House floor.
'The bill has not been discussed by the leadership yet, and I have not had a discussion with the president yet. I am not ready to make that decision,' he said."

Nothing new: DeLay doesn't want a vote, while Hastert isn't dismissing the possibility of a vote. A vote on the renewal or expansion of the assault weapons ban depends heavily upon what Bush wants. He could influence it either way. & the votes are there for passing a renewal or expansion of the assault weapons ban, if Bush actively supports it & the GOA ratings of pro-gun & anti-gun Representatives & Senators are accurate.

Nicki Fellenzer has written an article for Armed Females of America taking Bush to task for his support of the assault weapons ban.

"Well, here we go again. Power-hungry cowards in Congress are once again seeking to ram gun control down our throats, and this time, our president – the man who was painted as a friend to the some 80 million-gun owners in this country by the National Republican Apologists (NRA) – says he will sign it if it reaches his desk.

But my goal today is not to take aim at the NRA for its obsequious and quite obvious silence on the G.W. Bush promise to sign the odious legislation to expand and make permanent the Clinton “Assault” weapons ban of 1994 into law – although God and Goddess know the NRA’s hypocrisy and ass kissing of the seat of power are glaring, to say the least. No, today I’m taking on the President himself…"

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