Wednesday, August 20, 2003

"...So it seems that anybody can still pack loaded pistols in City Hall. They just have to hide their heat.
The council is counting on the concealed-weapons permitting process to weed out the bad eggs, Heimlicher said.
That would be the same permitting process that the legislative gun nuts just made easier. Under a recent change in the state law, guys such as Ortega don't have to prove the need to carry a hidden weapon.
So it turns out that the new rule in Colorado Springs is not "no guns" in city-owned buildings. The new rule is "out of sight, out of mind."
As in crazy."

That is an excerpt from a piece written by Jim Spencer in the Denver Post. Apperently Mr. Spencer is not happy with a person actually exercising their Rights. Chances are he's not happy about people having the Right to Arms at all.

If you choose to read the piece linked above & you disagree with Mr. Spencer's take on the matter, please contact him & let him no you disagree.


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