Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Yet another reason to not spend a damn dime in NY.

"In the Capital District, a new program is being tried called 'Project Fed Up.'
The goal of the program is simple and laudable: If you have an illegal gun or use a legal gun in an illegal fashion, you are going to go to jail.
For a long time. Five years, at least.
Prosecutors in the Capital District have agreed to turn more gun cases over to federal authorities. Convictions for illegal gun possession are more aggressively pursued in federal courts, and the penalties are significantly more severe than mandated by state law.
The program philosophy seems to allow for no lapses, no slaps on the wrists, no slippery deals, and that's as it should be.
...The public's help is sought, and so there will be a marketing program promoting 'Operation Fed Up' that will let people know any legitimate information one has to offer will be acted upon.
If you have any information about the possession of illegal guns, call 1-800 ATF-GUNS."

So they not only want to strengthen the penalties for violating uncoscienable laws that infringe upon our Rights, they want you to snitch out your neighbor if he/she is daring to defy an immoral law.

Might I recommened NC for your next vacation? Lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.

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