Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Speaking of not spending a damn dime in a city or state that abuses its citizens Rights, may I direct your attention towards Chicago?

"...I immediately volunteered my FOID card stated my business and told them where to find my encased unarmed pistol. (Unknowingly I gave up my Miranda rights).
The police chose a different abuse for me, far more satisfying than death. Punish an innocent man forever, with a felony charge of unlawfully using a weapon I had never fired out side of a shooting range. But for transporting a weapon I was about to be charged with a Class IV felony, Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons (UUW)..."

This is from a letter written by Roderick Pritchett. Mr. Pritchett was arrested & is being prosecuted for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. This despite the fact that the firearm in question was unloaded, cased & being transported in the manner prescribed by law. Mr. Pritchett also had a valid Firearms Owners identification Card. Aside from the arguments about the FOID card being a not-so-covert registration program, Mr. Pritchett was obeying eveyr unjust, unconstitutional morally decrepit law Illinois burdens its people with.

But go read the whole account. Think it couldn't happen to you? The odds are in your favor. But odds won't save you when some statist bastard picks you to make an example of. & if you're the type to assume that anyone arrested must have done something wrong, then don't be suprised when no one comes to your aid.

Even if Mr. Pritchett is aquitted, that will not erase the damage that has been done to him. But yet if he had resisted the unlawful actions of those slimy human-wannabes with a badge on thier chests, chances are he'd be dead. Tough world we live in isn't it? Be free & dead while your reputation is smirched for attempting to resist 'the law', or endure what Mr. Pritchett endured because you try to obey the law - even the unjust ones.

In any case, until Chicago & the rest of Illinois gets their act together & stops whipping people for exercising their basic Rights, might I suggest NC for your next vacation? lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.

Seriously, if a place disrespects the Rights of its locals, you think you have a chance in hell of getting decent treatment? do a little voting with your wallet: don't spend money in places that wil use the money to tighten the chains it wants to place on its residents. Yes, that may inconvenience some of you. Course I'd have you ask Mr. Pritchett about inconvenience beofre i took you seriously. & no, chances are Chicago, NYC, L.A.. Boston - any of the places I'd ask you to avoid won't notice your cash not flowing their way. Not unless a helluva lot of us get together & stick to a formal boycott. But personally I'm glad that none of my tourism dollars paid the wages of the scumbags who locked up a man for carrying a cased, unloaded firearm according to their BS rules.

Click the link. read about Mr. Pritchett. Know that for the grace of God that could have been you. Know that for the grace of God that could still be you.

Update: The Spoons Experience has more on it.

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