Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Now I have seen some very screwed up things from the BATF, that over-rated tax agency with delusions of being a legitimate law enforcement agency, but this latest waste of tax-payer money is just insulting.

The BATF has decided to put up a site that features cartoons that explains a firearms dealers legal responsibilities.

Don't get me wrong - I like cartoons. I still think that the original Bugs Bunny stuff was some of the best entertainment ever made. & there ahve been some decent cartoons since then. But an instructional cartoon to explain the unconstitutional laws that the BATF uses to justify its pathetic existence? & to make it worse, the first cartoon which deals with the NICS & form 4473 explains that it's legal to make a sale if the NICS hasn't denied it within 3 days, but the fictional store owner sets the example by waiting until he here's from the NICS check even after the 3 days.

Maybe this is all too sophisticated for me. I wonder where they keep the page with the cartoons that explain why the federal friggin government can ignore its restrictions on passing gun control laws in the first damn place? I obviously need to see that BATF cartoon on how the second amendment had the words "unless we really want to" added on the end in invisible ink.

& they mention that 'some states' require you to pass a written 'safety test' before any transaction can be completed. Last I heard, those 'many' states all rhymed with Galifornia.

Oh, but the quality of the cartoons! & to think, the person who masterminded the production almost let this unique calling pass him/her by!

They do a surpisingly spooky job of presenting all the government imposed burdens upon your Rights as normal & reasonable. It's almost as if their target audience wouldn't be happy buying a firearm unless they had government approval to make them feel special. Ya know, I think these statist bastards who made this animated insult to the taxpaying gun owners actually believe there's nothing wrong with making someone 'prove' themself worthy of exercising a basic Right, or that 'certain people' don't deserve to exercise those same basic Rights.

They explain about calling in the NICS check & what the dealer must do with the filled out Form 4473. They mention it must be kept in the dealers records & the NICS check number must be recorded on it. They don't mention a damned thing about all the places where gun registration form such as these were essential to the confiscation programs enacted later. I wonder why?

But they didn't foget to 'recommened' that any firearm always be stored unloaded & seperate from the ammunition. That way, should they (that overgrown tax agency known as the BATF) ever decided to knock down your door, they'll have plenty of time to stomp your kittens to death before you can do anything about it.

Speaking of which, isn't it a bit ironic that in real life the BATF stomps kittens to death, but no hint of that kind of behavior is seen in their cartoons?

Go see them for yourself at the above link. But prepare to receive a direct insult to your intelligence as well as realizing that your tax dollars paid for this animated 'educational' experiment.

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