Thursday, August 21, 2003

I was going to call it a day but then I came across this story about NYC's finest in action.

"While some city workers struggled to protect New Yorkers in the midst of the blackout, a city traffic agent wrote summonses even as private citizens directed traffic at a busy intersection yards away."

To protect & serve, huh? NYC makes it very burdensome to aquire permission to defend yourself, yet during a power outage they're trying to fill a ticket quota???

"About a half-hour into Thursday's power outage, Dr. Robert Richter and two other New Yorkers took it upon themselves to ease the traffic jam at West 79th Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

Then, 15 minutes later, an NYPD traffic-enforcement car rolled up, but instead of directing traffic, the agent tagged a pair of cars on West 79th Street, Richter said.

"When I saw the flashing lights and the cars pull up, I said, Oh, relief is here,' Richter told The Post. 'Then they got out of the car and started writing tickets.'
'After they finished writing tickets, they drove away - I couldn't believe this. I was just amazed.'
At least 10 onlookers implored the agent not to write citations on the cars, a witness said.
But the stone-faced summons man said nothing, wrote the tickets and drove off. "

uh-huh. Glad to see they're not letting a little thing like a total power failure across the region affect their ticket quotas. I wonder if they get paid by commission?

"But a picture showing the agent writing a summons - with Richter directing traffic in the background - was worth considerably less than 1,000 words to a Police Department spokesman.
The spokesman said the department would not comment unless they saw a copy of the summons.
He also declined to check whether any summonses were issued after the blackout began."

So Baghdad Bob is now doing PR for the NYPD?

As I believe I have mentioned before, if you were thinking about vacationing in NYC, might I recommend NC instead? Lovely beaches, pretty mountains & open carry for everyone.

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