Thursday, August 21, 2003

For any & all new visitors might I point out a few things about this blog...

Of utmost importance are some links over to the left.

Armed Females of America, GOA, JPFO, Grass Roots North Carolina, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, The Liberty Belles, etc. are all organizations that offer you what the NRA can't - they're pro-gun. They actually believe that the Second Amendment means what it says & don't use their positions to compromise for the sake of their own welfare as organizations. So if you haven't already then give the links a look & if you like what you see then by all means join up.

Also there's a section in Previous Posts by Category called Events & Efforts where you can find information on things in which your assistance may be needed, such as donating cash to the effort to fund the Silveira vs. Lockyer case that may go before the Supreme Court, or signing a petition in Tennessee that asks for all federal firearms laws to be nullified within that state, or simply telling you that a .50 caliber/machine gun shoot or the National Matches at Camp Perry will be coming up soon.

Fairtax is a site that proposes to replace the prgressive income tax with a national sales tax. While I'm not happy about the rate they propose it is no worse than the rate we're paying now & their system is more advantageous for everyone. Definitely better than the porgressive system we have or even the flat tax system that's been talked about. Click their link & see what they have to say.

& anyone new to shooting might want to check out the Bloggers Firearms Instruction link. It lists bloggers &/or blog readers who offer free instruction & in some cases free use of their guns & ammo to people who want to see if shooting is for them. It also has a list & explanation of basic firearms safety rules. If you feel like volunteering your time in this as an instructor then drop me an e-mail with your location & any conditions you have.

Scrolling on down the left side you'll find some very good blogs. Most of better quality than you see here. Give them a look.

Finally we come to the Previous Posts by Category section. I try to keep it up to date but usually fail. But I haven't let anything drop off the front page w/o being archived yet. So if you wish to look up a particular item that I may have blogged about but it's not on the front page, then just pick a category & start scrolling. There are several posts that fit in more than one category so if you see the same post in a few different places it's intentional.

There are a few essays which I feel are important enough to mention specifically.

Rights are Absolute

Concealed carry & prior restraint: why it's not like shouting fire in a crowded theater

Reasons against CCW permits

The Means, Knowledge & Will to resist

Colorado's new CCW vs. Colorado's old CCW vs. Colorado's proposed but tabled CCW

Florida Constitution & concealed carry

Fisking of NC SB 919 (Domestic Violence law) Sunday August 10th 3:08 a.m.


The above & more are found under Essays & Such. You'll also find the writing of Kevin at The Smallest Minority, Nicki Fellenzer, Dave Kopel, Ron Paul & many other fine writers who are more than just a little concerned about the state of the nation.

& I have added a wishlist. I would ask that no one bother clicking on the wish list unless they really feel that this blog is informative to them & they have already joined or sent a donation to a no-compromise pro-gun organization of their choice. As much as I'd like someone or many someone's to buy me supplies to keep up my shooting/gunsmithing habit, I'd much rather that any discretionary funds first be sent to GOA or JPFO or one of the local groups like GRNC or RMGO.

So enjoy your visit, make yourself at home & feel free to use the comments feature or e-mail me if you have any questions or answers. Thanks for stopping by.

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