Saturday, February 15, 2003

The Cost of Slavery. The NY Times has an Op/ed by Dalton Conley arguing for more discussion of reparations. He discusses several different formula to arrive at a fair dollar amount. & he discusses some of the possible social benefits for black people. Granted, it is a brief article. It does not attempt to answer every question or concern there is about reparations. Nor does it address the problems, for whites & blacks, that would occur as a result of reparations.

Yes, slavery was wrong. It is wrong now & it will be wrong in the future. Equally so are wealth distibution plans that punishes or rewards an entire group of people based on some perceived need or debt. In it's essence it is socialism - taking from the able & giving to the needy.

I have a better idea: instead of trying to give black people the impression that due to the condition of freedom their ancestors endured they are hindered now, let's help black people to give their kids a home, a decent education & as fair a chance in life as their individual abilities will allow them to partake of. Instead of constantly trying to reinforce the victim mentality on a whole race of people, let's start treating them as people. Individuals even. Let's stop racism as much as we can on both sides. Or do you think the "you did this to me so I want cash" attitude will really benefit anyone?

If slavery is really such an issue & you demand justice for that involuntary servitude, then you don't have to look as far back as the war between the states. Just look at your paycheck. 17% to 38% is gone before you see it. Slavery exists now, it's just more subtle, more comfortable, & it equally inflicts regardless of color. You want to do something about slavery now? go to They have some idea to start breaking the chains that bind us all.

7 if you want to strike at systems rooted in discrimination, then start protesting your states pistol permit laws. The idea of aquiring a permit to exercise a right is in & of itself reprehensible. But those laws did not exist untill reconstruction. They were a way to keep black people from possesing arms. They are the only Jim Crow laws on the books now that the NAACP & ACLU don't complain about. & like the tax, they are applied more or less equally. Except in cities with higher populations of blacks & hispanics, there are usually tougher standards for receiving the permission to exercise your rights.

There are many ways we can do things now to rid ourslves of slavery & it's baggage. Wealth redistribution is not one of them. In the end it will cause more dependence upon the government. That is the form of slavery that imperils us all right now.

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