Saturday, February 15, 2003

Ever wonder what the going rate is for using a badge, a gun, & a lot of beer while you're forcing someone to have sex with you? In Wyoming it's around $19,5000.

In all fairness a State Police investigation determined the sex, was in fact consensual. However a Wyoming Police Investigation determined the officer committed offense that should get him fired.

" [Officer] Pierce took her to Wyoming's Waste Water Treatment plant. Using a special code, Pierce got into the gated facility. He parked the car. According to court records, he pulled a gun from his waistband and put it under the seat and ordered Starr to have sex with him."

"He had a gun behind his back that he pulled out and made sure I saw it before he put it under the seat," she explained. "He made sure I was in a locked facility. He made sure there was beer there. He made sure I was intoxicated."

I do believe in innocence untill guilt is proven. It's unfortunate that a settlement was reached because that assures that it will be a "he said, she said" affair with no substantial proof one way or the other.

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