Monday, February 10, 2003

This is from our good friends at the NRA. They want to remind everyone in Colorado that their CCW bill is up for a review in a state senate committee.
Funny though, the NRA doesn't even mention the CCW bill that's still alive in the house. It's the one supported by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, a very pro-gun group.

But let's be fair about this. There is a comparison of the major proposals of the two bills.
Here's the comparison.

Now guess which one the NRA sponsors???

If you guessed the least intrusive, least expensive, & least prone to establishing a confiscation list, then you must have fell for that last NRA bumper sticker you read. The NRA's bill is sponsored by Sen. Chlouber & is called SB 24. The RMGO's bill is sponsored by Sen. Lamborn & is called SB 63.

Now we can all see that SB 63 is more desirable. So why does the NRA support the more intrusive bill? Easy: they’re afraid of being labeled too pro-gun. They also support Project Exile, & have supported numerous gun control measures, specifically the Brady Bill & the High Capacity Magazine Ban. They did it to limit damage by guns bills they claimed would have passed anyway. But don't take my word for it, call them up & ask them yourself why their afraid to be seen as being too pro-gun.

& just a note, I would not support either of the above CCW bills, simply because they do require a permit, & a fee & you must have governmental permission to exercise a right. If I had to choose between the two I would support SB 63 & strongly oppose SB 24, but I would like to imagine I'm not at a point where compromising is the only option.

RMGO has long claimed it is a no compromise group. Until I saw the details of SB 63 I had no reason to doubt that. I still think that they are the most pro-gun local group around the rocky mountain area, but this falls a bit short of my idea of Vermont style, which is how they advertised the bill. In fairness they have said subsequently that "Vermont style bill" is not the same as “a Vermont bill" & that their members wanted something now. They claim that a true Vermont bill has no chance of passing the Colorado legislature & while they feel it'd definitely be preferable, they just don't see it as possible.
In their explanations they did make some valid points & I can understand the nature of politics in a given area. I can also understand a bill having no chance of passing, again due to the nature of politics. An interesting twist is that the Republican Governor of Colorado Bill Owens has opposed Vermont style CCW bills in the past, & has said he would not support a bill that was too liberal. & here I thought Republicans were supposed to be for smaller government & more individual freedom.
So RMGO has had to make some hard choices. I do not agree with them but other than this issue I have found no fault with them or their methods. They are definitely preferable to the NRA, so if you live in the Rocky Mountain states & have been thinking of joining or renewing your NRA membership, I'd suggest joining the RMGO instead. & also join &/or support GOA & JPFO. All three of these groups are worth investing in. While they don't have the members’ base or political clout of the NRA, they at least won't sell you out for their own political growth.

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